Web Hosting Coop newsletter January 2006

Dear Valued Customer,I’ve been meaning to set up a customer newsletter for a while for all of our hosting customers and it’s finally here.Your name is on our list because you are currently hosting a domain with the Web Hosting Coop, or you are a recent customer…This newsletter will usually come out in January of each year, or when news of great import needs to be sent.The Web Hosting Coop is doing very well, we have added some new domains this year and were able to upgrade our hosting capabilities significantly.

As always, our goal has been to host charities and non-profits “at cost”. This means that each time we add more clients we are able to either add storage, bandwidth, capabilities, or lower our service costs.

Here is what we have done so far..

In 2004, we offered 40 Mb of storage for $60.00 per year.
In 2005, we offered 100 Mb of storage for $50.00 per year.

This year we will be increasing quotas TEN fold.
That’s right we will be providing 1,000 Mb of storage for $50.00.
As always this includes your domain registration fees.

Also mailbox quotas will be increased to 50 Mb for each box.

All of your quota’s will be adjusted accordingly automatically, you don’t have to do anything.

I’m glad that we were able to meet your organization’s needs for hosting and look forward to helping you in the upcoming year.

Scott Dumont
Web Hosting Coop